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Writing on Jainism

Hello everyone I am attaching a writing which scientifically and philosophically expounds the Jain religion. I had written this mainly during my college years, but could not complete it. But I have attached it in any case, since I think

Preconceived Notions

Most human beings tend to precondition their mind with certain preconceived notions and then apply those notions or beliefs in order to interpret the world. Often, this leads to a person’s vision being colored by their beliefs, such that the

The Fundamental Beliefs of a Knower

The fundamental beliefs of a knower define how the knower views and experiences the world. These fundamental beliefs are axioms the knower trusts or has faith in. The knower acquires more knowledge by building on these axioms. These beliefs, along

Jain History

Hello I have attached a document with information about human history according to the Jain point of view. Please click on the link below: Jain History I hope you enjoy reading

States of Karma

Based on the scriptures of Karananuyoga and Dravyanuyoga such as Gommatsar and Tattvarthasutra, Karma can be in various states and go through various processes. Bandha or Bondage Except for Arihants and Siddhas, all beings bind Karmas every moment. The actions