Everything will be Alright

Sometimes things don’t seem right
And problems become infinite
The question: loud and clear
Will you withstand the pressure ?

Things seem to be slipping away
The day becomes dark
The night becomes day
It’s time for you to leave your mark

Sometimes when you try
You may not always win
That doesn’t mean you must cry
But try harder: find it within

Now’s the time to show your substance
Now’s the time to dig deep
The motive makes the difference
Everyone has promises to keep

No matter how impossible it may seem
No matter how many rapids there are in the stream
No matter how many a mountain, cliff or hill
The key is to keep calm and positive still

As long as you are on the right path
As long as you have courage in your heart
As long as you have the will power to fight
I assure you, everything will be alright.

Written 23.07.2008
Modified 28.12.2010

One comment on “Everything will be Alright
  1. Arnav says:

    I hope that this poem inspires you if you are facing a difficult time in your life.

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