Roll of Dice

God! I pray to thee
One wish thou grantest me
I do well, prosper and succeed
Only come to you when I’m in need
Oh yes! This is God’s will
May he plunder, may he kill
Prayer, sacrifice, ritualism’s not
Deeds, actions, thoughts – have you forgot?

Only fate knows you can defy it
And God knows knowledge has no limit
You can become God but not versa vice
Immortality has a heavy price
Time is but a straight line
The line is infinite and divine
You succeed after you pray
Because you gain self-confidence that way

All a man needs is belief in him
But confidence shouldn’t cross the brim
Otherwise everything precedes reason
And you charge yourself with treason
For even chaos succumbs to the might
Of the truth of he who is right
And every rule is definite
Whether infinitesimal or infinite

Big men consider themselves most small
Don’t exclude anything at all
In the mirror I see his eyes
I see the face, it’s a disguise
I know the man, he always tries
If he fails, he sometimes cries
But he knows before he dies
He never believed all the lies
Life’s not a roll of dice

Written: 2008
Last Modified: 2013

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