Before college, I didn’t realize how vast and deep mathematics is. It is also fundamentally useful in science, business and even philosophy.

Logic, proof and numbers form the basis of mathematics. Yet there are very diverse branches and sub-branches of this discipline including calculus, algebra, number theory, set theory, etc.

Some very intelligent mathematicians have been historically documented. In ancient India, Aryabhatta is well-known. However others like Mahavira and Bhaskara showed commendable skill. In ancient Greece, Diophantus, Archimedes and Pythagoras are among some famous mathematicians. In Europe, the likes of Newton, Pascal, Euler, Gauss, Riemann and Cantor did some interesting work. In the last century, John Nash and Kurt Godel have acquired fame.

In my opinion, some of the interesting developments in mathematics from the 16th century onwards include:

  • The calculus, developed by Newton and Leibniz
  • Nearly all contributions of Euler and Riemann
  • Theorems of vector calculus, developed by Gauss, Green and Stokes
  • Cantor’s work on transfinite numbers

These are but a few mathematical advances through the last four centuries.

Mathematics is such a deep subject that one often gets lost in the details and makes silly errors. Please let me know if you find anything wrong in some of my posts and also feel free to add your knowledge in the comments 🙂

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