My musical influences include Dream Theater, Children of Bodom, Stratovarius and many other metal / rock musicians. Although I enjoy any genre which sounds pleasant, I have listened to rock and metal the most. I play the keyboard and piano but also listen to the guitar.

In my opinion, the following are some of the best guitarists / keyboardists in the world:

  • Joe Satriani, guitarist
  • Steve Vai, guitarist
  • John Petrucci, guitarist (Dream Theater)
  • Jordan Rudess, keyboardist (Dream Theater)
  • Janne Wirman, keyboardist (Children of Bodom)
  • Jens Johansson, keyboardist (Stratovarius)

I also enjoy Indian classical music, which is technically very advanced. While playing the keyboard, I improvise thinking in terms of chords and scales. Here are some YouTube videos I put up a few years ago: (Practice 1 – Part 1) (Practice 1 – Part 2) (Practice 2 – Into the Black Hole)

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I hope I didn’t abuse your ears too much 😛

Also, I apologize for the constant mistakes.

As far as the music posts go, I’m no expert so please forgive me for any wrong information or foolish advice.

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